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Why You Need Taobao Agent Malaysia

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为何您需要Shopping Buddy – 淘宝代购

众所周知,中国作为“世界工厂”,生产成本低,所以几乎每样商品售价都比其它市价来得低。无疑地,在著名的中国淘宝网及其它阿里巴巴集团旗下最受欢迎的购物网站, 包括天猫和聚划算购物,可省下不少血汗钱。可,这些网上的店家只把商品送到国内,并无运到海外的服务。

于是,我们成立了Shopping Buddy,提供淘宝代购代运一条龙服务,为大马网友解决在中国网站购物所遇到的一般问题,包括付款方式及昂贵的国际运输费。

有了Shopping Buddy, 身在马来西亚的您,现在可以随意地在家搜索中国购物网的商品,直接用马币付款,我们会在中国帮您代购,把所有您要买的商品,集中打包, 以低廉的国际运输费, 邮递至您的指定的地址。

如果您不曾通过淘宝代购,购买中国网站的商品,您或许对网购流程有所困惑。其实,只要3 个简单步骤,您就能尽情地淘宝购物:
欲知详情,请看: 如何网购

malaysia taobao agent

How to Purchase via Taobao Agent Malaysia

It is the fact that majority of China products are much cheaper compare to Western or even some other Asian countries due to their low production cost. No doubt you could save your hard-earn money if you buy from Taobao or any other famous China shopping websites, but those online sellers do not offer international shipping.

And so, you need Shopping Buddy, a reliable Taobao agent in Malaysia, to address the common issues faced during China online shopping include shipping and payment methods.

By having Shopping Buddy, now you can buy anything from China online shopping websites at your own sweet time and enjoy big savings. As a Taobao agent Malaysia, we will assist you to order any items you want in China then re-pack all your purchased items into one parcel and deliver to your appointed address with a low international shipping fee. Better yet, the transaction can be done in Ringgit.

taobao agent malaysiaAnyhow, I know you have some questions in mind that stop you from placing a purchase order. For those who never buy from China online shopping websites via Taobao agent Malaysia, you may doubt the order procedure.

Well, it is pretty simple and only involves 3 steps:
1) Click here to download the Pre-Order form
2) Fill-up with products you want to buy from China online shopping websites and send the form to
3) Made payment according to quotation

Kindly note that we will send the pricing quotation on that day itself (from Monday to Friday) if you have been submitted the pre-order form before 3 pm; else you’ll receive it on the following day. For more information, please have a look: How to Place Order

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Buddy Web Shop
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Business Hour
9:00am to 5:00pm
(Monday to Friday, exclude Public Holiday)

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Taobao Agent Disclaimer

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Upon confirmation, customer is agreed with the Taobao Agent Disclaimer. To read Taobao Agent Disclaimer, please click the link below:

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