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How to Buy from China via Taobao Agent Malaysia

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buy from Chinabuy from taobao由于Shopping Buddy 不是网购平台,所以没设购物车。但是,为了方便您网购,任何您在中国购物网上看到的商品,只要您喜欢, 您都可以把该商品的链接地址,拷贝到代购单。这是个简单的Excel File, 所以您可随意地增添或删减。
taobao agent malaysiaChina online shopping若您之前拷贝了不少商品的链接地址,现在是时候过滤了。把不要的删掉,只保留确定要购买的,并输入其它相关的资料,如卖家名称,颜色,数量,尺寸,单价等。 一切资料填妥后,以电邮的方式,提交至

Shopping Buddy 会依据这些资料,计算代购的马币总额, 包括国际运费,而后把预计的报价单,发送到您填写的电邮地址。如果是工作天,您会在24小时内,收到报价单。所以,敬请留意您的电邮信箱。
buy china taobaotaobao buying agent在报价单上,您会看到几家银行的账号。您可随意选择任何一家,以您熟悉又安心的银行付款方式 (ATM汇款或网上银行转账),缴付报价单上的数额。处理了银行付款,请记得发电邮通知Shopping Buddy以下资料:

  • 1. 汇款银行
  • 2. 汇款日期和时间
  • 3. 汇款银额

当确认银行户口已收到您缴付的银额,Shopping Buddy 会在24小时内,帮您网购所有在报价单上的物品。接下来的几天,会以电邮的方式,向您汇报物品的发送过程,从卖家出货到指定的仓库,一直到所有的物品到齐,集中打包,仓库的工作人员把您的包裹交到物流公司。(欲看电邮样本,请游览本页尾端或点击这里。)


Easy Steps of Buy from China

Step 1: Download the Pre-Order Form is a Taobao agent in Malaysia instead of the shopping website. And so, there is no shopping cart here. Anyhow, Shopping Buddy has been prepared a simple pre-order form to ease your online shopping. Click here to download the form and copy product URLs which you are interested to buy from China. Since the form is Excel File, you are free to add-on or delete any product URLs.

Step 2: Fill-Up the Pre-Order Form and Submit
In case you have been copying & paste lots of product URLs in the pre-order form, now it’s time to filter. Kindly delete those unwanted product URLs and just remind the ones you really want to buy. At the same time, key-in other related information such as seller name, color, size, quantity, unit price, etc. Once completed, email the pre-order form to

Shopping Buddy will be based on that information to generate a quotation. The total amount will be included product prices in Ringgit as well as the international shipping charges. During weekdays, the quotation normally will be ready and sent to your email within 24 hours. Thus, you are advised to check your email after you sent out the pre-order form.

Step 3: Made payment and Wait for Purchased Items
There are a few bank account numbers in the quotation. You are welcome to pick anyone that you are a comfort to proceed to make payment. After completed the money transfer via bank, kindly send us an email by giving the following information:

  • 1. Bank name
  • 2. Transaction date and time
  • 3. Total Amount you bank-in thru ATM or transfer via online banking

Upon receive your money in the bank account; Shopping Buddy will proceed to purchase all items that you listed in the quotation from China shopping websites. We then will email you on the following days for reporting your online purchase status.

Below is the sample email:

china online shopping websitesFrom the emails, you’ll know when the online seller delivers the product to our appointed warehouse. When all your purchase items arrive, warehouse staffs will do re-packing and pass to the shipping company.

Once your package is with the shipping company, you’ll get a tracking code for you to check the package location via the shipping company website. Normally, you’ll receive your purchase items within 7~14 working days. Would you like to know more about how Taobao agent Malaysia operate and the shipping charges? Do not hesitate to get the answer from the FAQ corner.

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Taobao Agent Disclaimer

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Upon confirmation, customer is agreed with the Taobao Agent Disclaimer. To read Taobao Agent Disclaimer, please click the link below:

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